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Joe McGowan Music

About jm-education

jm-education was created in 2014 by Joe McGowan initially to serve as a companion website for his fourth book, How to Pass National 5 Music by Hodder Gibson, but is now being expanded to better serve busy teachers and dedicated students.

Our main aim at jm-education is to provide a helping hand to teachers and students of school music courses, and it is hoped that a community spirit will evolve with the website.

To this end, those who use the site's resources are encouraged to give feedback, ask questions or make comments/suggestions on the forum page or by email, twitter or facebook. Like us on facebook

Gradually building into a more extensive resource

Joe is also an author, composer and classical guitarist, and more recently founded Your Music Mentor, an online music tuition, mentoring and advisory service.

His first book, How to Pass Standard Grade Music, won the Saltire Society and Times Educational Supplement (TES) Scotland Academic Book of the Year Award in 2005, and each of his subsequent music books in Hodder Gibson's 'How to Pass' series have achieved best-seller status in their category, including the more recent book, How to Pass National 5 Music.

A music teacher for more than 30 years, Joe McGowan studied at the Royal Conservatoire Scotland (formerly the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama), and is a graduate of Glasgow University and an Honours graduate of the Open University. In addition to his post-graduate studies, music theory and Art & Design diplomas, he has degrees in music and the arts, and LRSM and LTCL music teaching diplomas.

Joe McGowan

jm-education director