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How to Pass National 5 Music, Supplementary Material

The material listed below accompanies and supplements the information in the book, How to Pass National 5 Music. Click on the relevant links to access the material you require. See also the National 5 Music material on the Resources page.

Musical Concept Listening Lists 


Chord Progression I, IV, V, VI

Walking Bass, Ground Bass, Alberti Bass (from Reference page)

Chapter 1. Musical Concepts:

Chapter 5. Improvising:


Reference Material

Reference Material


Variation and Development Techniques

Composing Workshop 1: Bar-by-Bar Analyses

Composing Workshop 1: Adding Accompaniment Parts (to a Melody)

Song Writing Workshop: Analysing a Modern Song

Electronic Music Workshop: Composing a Dance Track Using a MIDI Sequencer

Chapter 4. Composing and Arranging:

National 5 Music