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Calling all National 5 Music Composers….!

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National 5 Music Composer of the Year Award 2017-18

Every entry helps a charity

This is a not-for-profit competition and every candidate entry donation (£1) goes towards the jm-education multi-charity appeal (see Charity page), which benefits 8 charities including Save the Children, Oxfam and Unicef.

This award is for an ORIGINAL piece of music or an arrangement composed by a student while studying National 5 Music in the academic year August 2017- June 2018. The award will be given not just for the best sounding (or produced) composition but one which also displays qualities including:

How to Enter

3. Unique Winners Mug

1. Gift  Voucher


2. Certificate

6. Presentation posts on the jm-education Wall of Fame and YouTube channel what are they?

5. Lesson/consult voucher for Your Music Mentor.com

4. Signed limited edition CD of ‘Crossing the Boundaries,’      an album of guitar duets featuring Joe McGowan

The winner will receive…

First Prize

The runners-up will each receive…

Runner-Up Prizes

5. Presentation Posts on the jm-education Wall of Fame and YouTube channel what are they?

4. Lesson/consult voucher for Your Music Mentor.com

3. Signed limited edition CD of ‘Crossing the Boundaries,’      an album of guitar duets featuring Joe McGowan

1. Gift  Voucher


2. Certificate

First Prize

Runner-Up Prizes

How to Enter

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Entry Information

Entry regulations

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Benefiting Charities

Wall of Fame & YouTube channel

‘You will be composing / arranging music during your National 5 course anyway, so why not enter this great competition with your best work? Originality is more important than a flawless recording so, go on, be imaginative and give it a go! Remember, if you are a winner, as well as getting some fantastic prizes your name will be permanently entered on the new jm-education Wall of Fame and your piece uploaded to the jm-ed YouTube channel! What are you waiting for? Get composing!’

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The jm-education website now has a Wall of Fame, which is a student-only notice board where ideas, jokes and tips can be exchanged, quizzes are posted and interesting events or significant achievements relating to school students are published. Posts will remain on the wall permanently for everyone to see.

The jm-education YouTube channel contains mainly videos which relate to the national 5 and Higher music courses. Winners in the 2017-18 Composer of the Year Competition will have their winning entries uploaded (permanently) to the channel soon after the close of the competition when winners have been announced.

The jm-education National 5 Music Composer of the Year Competition 2017-18

Composer of the Year 2017-18  Entry Form

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Step 1. Entry Details


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Step 3. Entry donation


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Step 2. Upload Entry/Entries


‘I have read and understood the competition rules and confirm that the submitted work is the original work of the candidate(s).’


By checking the tick box in the entry form, the person submitting the candidate(s) accepts that he/she is making the following declaration:

Enter in 3 Steps:

          Complete entry details below and tick declaration box (to be undertaken by teacher or tutor) (help)        

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Important Information for Students Entering the Competition

The three awards in this competition (overall winner and two runner-up prizes) will not be given to pieces solely for their production or sound quality (although this is a factor), but to those which also show:

1. originality

2. imaginative use of instruments or sound samples

3. creative use of musical concepts and harmony.

This does NOT mean that a piece has to be very complex to win. For example, excellent entries could be: an uncomplicated song with a strong emotion created through powerful lyrics and well-chosen accompanying chords; or a slow instrumental with emotive sounds and instruments which blend well together.

Imaginative and moving music is more likely to impress the judges than a piece which is highly complex just for the sake of being 'clever.'

There is a wide scope for composers/arrangers to be imaginative - so be true to yourself and compose something you really feel and believe in. jm-education thanks you for your efforts in this competition and wishes everyone the very best of luck!

Entry Regulations

1. Competition candidates must be under the age of 18 and studying National 5 Music at the time of entry.

2. Submissions must be an original composition or arrangement in any style for either a solo instrument (including voice) or a group/ensemble (including duets and trios), between a minimum of TWO and a maximum of TEN minutes duration.

3. Only one submission per entrant is allowed, but a suite of related music comprising several shorter movements is acceptable, provided the entire work does not exceed ten minutes total duration.

4. Entries must be submitted by a teacher (Head of Music, class teacher etc) or tutor using the online Entry form before 4 p.m. on the closing date of Friday 15th June 2018. Late entries cannot be accepted.

5. National 5 Music Student candidates may NOT present themselves for the competition. The requirement for a teacher or tutor to be the entrant for candidates is because: 1. The teacher/tutor is acting as a third party confirming that the work presented is the original work of the competition candidate(s).  2. Payment of the charitable entry donation (£1) for each candidate requires a credit card or PayPal account. If necessary, a PayPal account can be set up quickly, easily and completely free on the PayPal site. This can be accessed by clicking Pay Now in the Pay Station below.

6. Entrants (teachers, tutors) can enter any number of candidates for the competition. The Entry form has spaces for 5 candidates, but where more than 5 candidates are to be presented the entrant should simply submit as many additional entry forms as necessary. However, Steps 2 and 3 of the entry process need only be completed once - e.g. 2. upload all candidate entries at once and 3. pay the entry donation for all candidates at once.

7. There will be one overall winner and two runner-up prizes. The judge’s decision is final.

8. Entries are acceptable in either audio or (preferably) video format. Most of the common file types are acceptable for upload - e.g. wav. mp3, mp4.

9. Winners will be informed by 22 June 2018. They will be contacted through the email and/or telephone number given by the entrant on the entry form. Winners will then be announced on the website and added to the jm-education Wall of Fame (with a brief review outlining why they were successful) and their music uploaded to the jm-education YouTube channel.

10. Prizes will be sent to the winners either at the address of the school entered in the school field of the entry form, or to an alternative address given by the entrant when he/she is informed of a winning entry. In some cases, depending on location, it may be possible for a representative from jm-education to visit the school and deliver the prize in person. Winners will be contacted by Your Music mentor in order to arrange their free lessons/consults. These will take place at mutually convenient times.

11. Soon after the competition winners have been announced, statistics relating to the total number of entries for the competition and the total sum raised for charity will be announced on the News page of the jm-education website.

12. Copyright of all submitted work remains with the composer/arranger of the work. jm-education respects ownership of all creative material and will not retain, play or *upload any work without first seeking the permission of the copyright owner. *The single exception will be when the 3 winning entries are uploaded to the jm-education YouTube channel, a condition of entry. In this case the winners’ names (copyright owners) will be clearly published in the track description.

13. Any questions should be presented to jm-education prior to uploading entries since submissions which do not meet the entry requirements cannot be accepted. Entrants will be informed of any submissions which do not meet the requirements and be given the option to re-submit or have the corresponding entry donation(s) refunded.

Help Completing the 3-Step Entry Process

Below are guidelines on the 3-step entry Process. Further questions can be directed to jm-education at www.jmeducationweb@gmail.com

Step 1. Entry Form

This must be completed by a teacher (such as a class music teacher, head of music, instrumental tutor etc) who can verify that the work presented is that of the candidate(s) named on the form.

An example of correctly completed fields is given below. The declaration box at the bottom of the Entry form must also be checked to confirm that the entrant has read and accepted the competition regulations.

Contact information (email and telephone) are treated as confidential by jm-education and will never be disclosed to a third party for any reason.

Step 3. Entry Donation

We are asking that each entry be accompanied by a £1 donation to charity. This means that not only will students have the opportunity to be rewarded for their creative efforts in the competition, but  also that a number of worthy causes will receive some badly needed financial assistance.

At the end of the competition the total amount raised (which will be announced on this website) will be distributed evenly between the 8 charities in the jm-education multi-charity appeal.

To make the donation, simply click on Pay Now in the Pay Station, which will take you directly to the jm-education PayPal account. You may be required to create a PayPal account (a simple and free process) to complete the transaction, after which a number of payment methods are supported.

PayPal is a secure and internationally accredited method of making payments online. More in formation on this can be obtained at www.paypal.co.uk

Step 2. Upload entries

To upload audio or video files of the work(s) being presented for the competition, simply click on the jm-education email address and attach the file(s) of every candidate being entered for the competition.

Provided that each candidate name and piece title has been correctly entered in step 1. Entry Form, there is no need to type any further information in the body of the email, but ATTACHED FILES MUST BEAR THE TITLES OF THE  PIECES EXACTLY AS THESE APPEAR ON THE ENTRY FORM. Any discrepancies will be queried by jm-education either by an email or telephone call to the person who made the entry.

Any number of entries can be made by the same school, and not necessarily all at the same time, the only  condition being that entries are made before the closing date of 4 p.m. on Friday 15th June  2018.

Step 1. Entry Details

Entered by

Joe Smith


Head of Music


Johnstown High School, Inverdonald




00456 123 456

Candidate 1

Claire Oliver

Piece Title 1

Over the Horizon

Candidate 2

Paul Thistle

Piece Title 2

Rock the Boat

Candidate 3

Parminder Singh

Piece title 3

Perpetual River

Declaration box ticked to confirm entrant has read and understood the competition regulations and is attesting that all submitted work is that of the named candidate(s)

Type the text you see in the Captcha box to confirm you are not a robot phisher!

After checking all information is correct, click to submit entry

* Declaration



Name of teacher or tutor entering candidates. see Entry Regulation 4

Job title of teacher or tutor entering candidates

Name of school attended by competition candidate(s)

Contact email and telephone of teacher or tutor entering candidates. These are required for communication and possibly verification purposes.

candidate 1 Name

candidate 1 Piece Title

candidate 2 Name

candidate 2 Piece Title

candidate 3 Name

candidate 3 Piece Title